Industrial Sector

  1. Automotive

    Automotive: Pre-wash and pre-paint stations, deluge processes, coolant filtration.
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  2. Chemical Processing

    Chemical Processing: Liquid recycling, pre-filtration, waste minimization
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  3. Food Processing

    Food Processing: Bulk pre-washing, process liquid recycling, fry oil reclamation.
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  4. Fuel Distribution Systems

    Fuel Distribution Systems: Jet fuel, kerosene, gasoline, pipeline, pre-filtration.
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  5. Mining Operations

    Mining Operations: Recycling, solids recovery, leach processes
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  6. Municipal Services

    Municipal Services: Source water sand and grit removal, wastewater pre-treatment, water conditioning systems
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  7. Oil and Gas Pump protection

    Oil and Gas: Pump protection, primary and secondary produced water, brine filtration, frac water, disposal wells, secondary recovery, offshore platforms.
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  8. Primary Metals - Steel

    Primary Metals: Quench systems, spray nozzles and de-scaling operations, hot strip mills, rolling mills, scrap recovery.
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  9. Process Cooling

    Process Cooling: Heat exchanger protection, compressor jackets, pumps seals, open and closed loop recirculation, heat pumps.
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  10. Pulp and Paper Mills

    Pulp and Paper Mills: Plant intake water, black liquaor, process recycling.
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  11. Vehicle Wash Systems

    Vehicle Wash Systems: Cars, busses, trucks, trains. Pit/sump scavenging wash water re-use without detergent/chemical stripping.
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